SWIM SHORT - Mid Length - BARTH - P1. Cactus Beige


SWIM SHORT - BARTH - P1. Cactus Beige

The Barth printed with a captain cactuses and beige background designed by Daniela Garreton is an exclusive edition, only 80 pieces have been produced. Exemplifying a commitment to class, style and quality from the smallest detail upwards, the Barth is limited and printed with high-end ink quality, UV proof, Sea Salt proof, Chlorine proof.

This model is lifetime warranty.

Sewn with a clean finish along the inner and outer seams, takes a cue from high-end jeans shape.

The signature of this model is a side straps elastic adjustment with 2 small snap buttons, a white waistband blendingåÊstretch fabric that combines the properties of waistband comfort and fast drying and comfort with a feel of silk.

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Flat Waistband|Side Straps Sizing Adjustment
100% Polyester
Care instructions
Machine Wash, Normal|Tumble Dry, Normal|Do Not Iron
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